"Technology presumes there's just one right way to do things and there never is" ~Robert M. Pirsig


In sunny San Diego, where the weather is warm, the people are friendly and the techies run rampant.


Google Pixel2/Nexus 6p Oreo | P dev Preview
Google Nexus 9 - O Dev Preview
Google Nexus 5x - Marshmallow
Huahwei/Motorola 360
Intel Iconia Tab 8 - KitKat
iPod Touch - iOS9
iPhone 4s - iOS7



About Chow

Hello! I'm Di, a bonafide creative tech junkie that revels in designing user experiences and interfaces for robots, games and apps.

Tech Specs
- Named co-inventor on 2 robotic patents.
- Full stack designer (concept to product | white board to high fidelity prototype and front end prototyping)
- Versatile across varying usability testing methods (Guerrilla (hallway), remote, a/b, interview)

Dev things: github, Android Studio, QT Creator, Terminal
Mobile OS version exp: Android 2.2-8.0 , Cyanogenmod 11-12.1, iOS 4-11

Some More Things
https://youtu.be/TVK3GInV84I- Keynote kickoff talk for Design Forward Summit 2017
https://youtu.be/PE_CP5uv0Vo - Panel Discussion at Dev Week 2018 in SF Bay Area
https://vimeo.com/234426488 - Video feature for SDlifechanging.org
https://youtu.be/pc2mq8KV3Zg - Video feature for Discovery Channel Canada (Daily Planet)

Stocked with an arsenal of creative artillery. A devout lover of tech, photography, Dragonball Z, DOTA 2, driving fast, lifting heavy things and eating copius amounts of food.

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