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Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
- Carl Sagan


Hello Iā€™m Di! I'm a donut lover, car enthusiast, tech junkie and a named inventor on two patents in the robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) industries.

Conceiving, conceptualizing and constructing end-to-end experiences for international consumer and commercial products such as software, video games, intelligent systems and robots, are what I have devoted my profession to, over the past decade, as a Product UX Designer .

At Bridgepoint (ASHFORD UNIVERSITY) and USD (UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO) I tackled legacy education problems that students face in learning, successfully transforming those programs into formats that worked in today's digitally evolving world.

Building on the emerging wave of high resolution video and leading the design with the DivX team, we were able to make 4k content streamable on any device, so the everyday person could share their videos with friends and family without having to be concerned with codecs or formatting.

Sometimes, the advancement of technology isn't just about new inventions, but about scaling existing products and experiences to other platforms. At Zillow, utilizing my Android expertise and specialty, I redesigned the software and interface architecture, from the legacy web/iOS standard,  to a product that Android users would find orthodox and native in their operating ecosystem.

A revolutionary shift in technology, such as what we are witnessing right now within the realm of AI, machine learning and robotics, demands the creation of entirely new product designs and UX experiences. At Brain Corp, I'm working with a team of expert scientists and engineers in the fields of machine vision and AI navigation, to bring intelligence and automation to existing manual machines. We're creating domestic and international commercial robots, that are capable of navigating complex human environments, for applications like delivery and floor cleaning.

It's exciting to be able to design the future of human and machine interactions and relationships, while also shaping the social/cultural dialogue surrounding AI and robotics.

I have a passion for invention and innovation and I'm excited to help shape a future where technology can increase accessibility, further education, create safer environments, empower people and make lives professionally and personally better.


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